Winter Weather Advisory #1

It’s nearing the end of my first winter at SpitFire Hollow. I’ve missed a few light snows. Even the slightly heavier snowfalls of 2 or so inches didn’t last long. Today, however, is the first Winter Weather Advisory for me at the farmhouse.


The lambing shed

and the snow has just begun!

Normally, I would still be in DC but when it was clear both DC and WV would be hit with snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice, I hit the road to avoid being stuck away from home. The real challenge is knowing when it would be safe for me to venture back home if I had stayed in DC. Sure, I’d know when the snow stopped but I wouldn’t know when the roads were cleared, particularly the last two roads leading to my house. Then, the driveway was a whole other issue. Yes, I have an SUV but Rende is only a front wheel drive. I need to consider these things carefully; just as carefully as I need to ensure my pipes won’t freeze. There’s no automated living here. It takes planning, action and many times, grit.

In truth, I was on the road 15 minutes before the Office of Personnel Management closed governmental offices, simply confirming my personal decision to leave. I arrived safely to SpitFire Hollow around 11PM, two hours before the snow began to fall. It was plenty of time to arrive safely but also to take the chill out of the house so I could comfortably sleep.

Fully stocked with staples, wood and entertainment options, I woke this morning to an abundance of child-like winter impulses: hot cocoa, pjs all day, blankets on the couch, and a long list of books and movies to catch up on. A pot of beef vegetable soup starts in the pressure cooker so I have a hearty meal to pick at all day. I can even make some bread if so moved.

It’s days like this when I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have, even if just the day before I was fighting off financial worries. For me, there’s almost always financial worries, a resident thief I can’t seem to evict but, today, I can easily ignore him!